Bone Grafting Rebuilds Your Jaw Bone

One of the primary purposes of your jaw bone is to support your teeth by firmly holding them in place. Without a healthy jaw, your natural teeth can become loose or even fall out entirely and the success rate of having dental implants placed becomes compromised. The solution to a jaw affected by bone loss is through bone grafting treatments like ridge augmentation. Bone grafting makes it possible to rebuild bone lost due to deterioration, periodontal disease or oral trauma and gives you acceptable volume to support a dental implant. Better yet, bone grafting is part of our full-scope dental implant process, meaning you can receive all your implant care under the roof of the Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod!

How We Perform
The Procedure

The bone grafting procedure involves taking a sample of bone tissue from you or a donor source and placing it at the site of bone loss. Once the bone grafting material heals, it will fuse to your surrounding bone tissue and rebuild the volume to an acceptable level. For most bone grafting procedures, we will use guided tissue regeneration (GTR) techniques to guarantee the bone heals properly. This process requires us to place a biocompatible membrane over the bone graft material to prevent gum tissue from interfering during the healing process. After a few months of healing, you’ll have the proper bone volume to support dental implants!

What is bone grafting?

Restoring The Jaw Through Ridge Augmentation

The most common bone grafting treatment in Chatham and Orleans is ridge augmentation, which is performed along the jaw ridge where your teeth are. After you have experienced bone loss, this ridge becomes uneven and surrounding teeth will shift, altering your bite and possibly changing the appearance of your face! Ridge augmentation bone grafting will restore bone where the deterioration has occurred to create a stable and even foundation within the jaw. Once fully healed your jaw will be able to support dental implants and your smile can be restored to natural vibrancy and function.


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