Smoothing Out Facial Lines

One of the leading causes of wrinkles in our face is simply from overuse of the muscles over the years. When we make facial expressions, we naturally create dynamic lines in our faces. These dynamic lines help express our emotions and are naturally occurring. However, when these dynamic lines occur repeatedly during our lifetime, they start to form static lines in our face. Static lines are always visible in our face, whether we are making expressions or not. These static lines are what most of us want to remove in order to give us our smooth, youthful skin back.

Our facial esthetic cosmetic dentistry treatments in Chatham and Orleans can smooth out these lines and wrinkles. With our fillers and injectables, we can smooth out your skin. This works by restricting the movement of certain muscles. When your face makes fewer dynamic lines, your skin can smoothen out and over time, your static lines will dissipate. With regular upkeep and treatments, your wrinkles and lines will disappear—making you look years younger again!

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Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Your facial esthetics are how you and others perceive the appearance of your face, including the smoothness and firmness of your skin. For many patients, having smooth, firm facial esthetics can be an age-defying confidence booster to their self-esteem and their outward appearance towards others. To achieve youthful facial esthetics, our cosmetic dentistry treatments in Chatham and Orleans offer a variety of wrinkle-reducing and skin tightening products, including BOTOX®, JUVEDERM® and more. If you are unhappy with wrinkles around your forehead, eyes and mouth, or experience sagging skin in your cheeks and jaw, reach out to us at Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod! With our facial esthetics treatments at Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod, we can help you look years younger, without any surgery!

Firmer,  Fuller Skin

In addition to smoothing out lines and wrinkles, our facial esthetic treatments can also firm up areas of your face where skin has loosened and begun to sag. Our skin naturally begins to sag as we age due to the loss of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity. With our treatments, we can provide non-surgical facelifts that firm up and raise your skin. Most of our treatments require routine visits to the office to ensure consistent and lasting results.  After our treatments, you’ll experience firmer, fuller, smoother skin!

Our Facial Esthetic Treatments

  • Restylane®
  • Viora V3 Laser
  • Kybella®
  • PDO Threading

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