Modern Laser Dentistry

We believe in staying modern with leading-edge dental technologies so that our dentist and team can provide patients with a gentle, minimally invasive treatment. With laser dentistry, our team can give you advanced dental care without discomfort or anxiety. Laser dentistry utilizes gentle laser light to perform a variety of treatments within our practice, which means you won’t have to worry about scalpels, sutures, bleeding or lengthy healing times. By providing this alternative to traditional care, we are better able to customize our treatments to your needs and help those who may have been putting their dental care off for some time due to fear or apprehension.

Why Patients Choose Laser Dentistry

  • No scalpels, sutures, or shots
  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • Gentle treatment every time
  • Excellent for those with dental anxiety
  • Immediate results
  • Alternative to traditional dental treatment

Laser Gingivectomy Treatment

Gingivectomies are often performed when the gum tissue is infected by gum disease or there is an excessive amount of gums that prevent proper cleaning of the teeth. A gingivectomy through laser dentistry in Chatham and Orleans reshapes infected or excessive gum tissue from around the teeth by removing it without the need for scalpels or bleeding. The result is a more attractive gum line and a smaller pocket depth, allowing gum tissue to reattach to teeth.

Laser Frenectomy Treatment

A frenectomy is a simple procedure that involves severing thin tissue underneath the tongue or upper lip. This tissue often restricts proper movement of the lip or tongue and can cause functional concerns for some patients. Through laser dentistry, we can make frenectomy treatment much easier and quicker. Our laser light will gently severe this connecting tissue quickly and require no need for scalpels or sutures.

Laser Biopsies

With laser dentistry, we can gently remove suspect tissue from areas of the mouth. Biopsies are important to help identify potential cancerous tissue or any other oral concerns that may develop. Using our laser makes these biopsies quick and virtually painless.

Implant Uncovering

When dental implants have been placed in your jaw, they are sometimes left to heal under the gum tissue. Once the implant has fused to the bone, we can uncover the implant from under the gums using laser dentistry. Using a laser makes the process quicker and minimally invasive, causing less harm to you and surrounding tissues.

Experience The Difference Laser Dentistry Can Make.