Enhance The Youthfulness Of Your Skin

At Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod, we are more than just a traditional dentist office. We are a boutique practice that offers cosmetic treatments to the facial area. Many of our patients seek gentle treatment for the effects aging has on the skin, including removing fine lines, age spots, discoloration and more! For some patients, facial esthetic treatment through injectables gives them the smooth skin they desire, but for those seeking treatment to correct your skin’s coloration or texture, modern laser esthetic cosmetic dentistry is often the solution. By using our dental lasers, we can provide skin rejuvenation without any discomfort or lengthy treatments.

Laser Esthetic Treatments We Offer

  • Skin Rejuvenation – Enhance your skin’s brightness and firmness
  • Vein Reduction – Reduce the visibility of veins through the skin
  • Acne Reduction – Decrease the visibility of acne on the face
  • Cellulite Reduction – Diminish the effects of cellulite
  • Hyperpigmentation Reduction – Balance out skin tone
  • Hair Removal – Remove excessive hair growth

Modern, Painless Laser Treatment

For most of our laser esthetic procedures, we use the Viora V3 laser. This modern technology allows us to target areas of concern and break down the darker or discolored pigments in the skin, while leaving healthy skin untouched. This is a painless treatment that can often show significant results after just one appointment. We also utilize the LightScalpel® CO2 laser and the NV® diode laser when performing laser esthetic crown lengthening of the gums from around your teeth.

Our laser esthetic treatment in West Harwich, Chatham and Orleans makes it easy to get skin rejuvenation treatments without the need for any surgery. Many of our patients receive a series of treatments during smile makeover procedures and enjoy a youthful, supple look to their skin after their laser care is completed. Imagine looking years younger without having to go through painful surgery—its possible at the Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod!


You Deserve Healthy,
Youthful Skin.