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While your children are just babies, thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers is common. However, did you know that this can cause developmental problems in your child as they age? By pressing the tongue or thumb up against the roof of the mouth, it distorts the arch of the mouth. This can cause teeth to grow crooked and can cause developmental problems like mouth breathing or improper swallowing. Traditional metal braces are often a solution to correct the position of the teeth, but they don’t help the development of the jaw or the behavioral concerns.  And if you ask almost any child, they would likely prefer not to have to wear metal braces either.

At the Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod in Chatham and Orleans, we offer an orthodontic alternative that not only helps align teeth, but also corrects jaw shape and improves improper oral behavior. This revolutionary device is called Myobrace® and helps straighten teeth and improve your child’s oral health naturally. Myobrace®combines myofunctional dentistry to guide your child’s mouth and teeth into proper position and control improper behaviors like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and improper swallowing. With proper compliance, Myobrace®will be able to adjust your child’s teeth and improve their overall facial growth without the need for braces!

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What Is

Myobrace®is a mouthpiece that is worn over the teeth like a mouthguard for sports. The flexibility of the piece allows it to adjust to your child’s mouth and gently adjust the teeth and jaw shape over time. Kids will have to wear their Myobrace®while they sleep and for one hour during the day. Since children are still growing and their bodies are continually changing, the Myobrace®will be able to make adjustments without needing brackets and wires. If your child is compliant with proper usage of Myobrace®, they will see changes in their smile and teeth over the course of treatment.

A Myofunctional
Dentistry Approach

Myobrace also assists us in providing myofunctional dentistry, which helps control improper oral behaviors your child may have developed due to an improper jaw structure. Some of the behavioral functions that Myobrace can improve include mouth breathing rather than breathing through the nose, improper swallowing, and tongue thrusting habits. After wearing Myobrace for the recommended amount of time, the appliance can help train your child into proper behavior. Due to the design of Myobrace, it can train your child’s subconscious habits to keep the tongue in proper position, encourage breathing through the nose and guide proper swallowing.

Dr. Nadia Pokrovskaya and our team will also work with your child to teach them exercises they should perform twice a day for just two minutes a day. We have excellent tools for your children to encourage them to want to perform the exercising and not make them feel like a chore. These exercises are changed every two to six weeks depending on your child’s needs. Once all these exercises and the Myobrace treatment is complete, your child will be able to achieve their best genetic potential into adulthood.

Advantages Of
Choosing Myobrace

  • Straighten teeth without braces
  • Correct improper oral behavioral concerns
  • Non-invasive, holistic treatment alternative
  • Improves appearance and oral function
  • Guides child to full genetic potential

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