TMJ Treatment For Improper Jaw Alignment

Your jaw is attached and functions through a specific muscle and joint—the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). And just like other muscles within your body, the TMJ muscle can become sore or inflamed if it is overworked or damaged. When this happens, patients experience TMJ disorder (TMD), which is characterized by jaw pain, clicking or grinding sounds, frequent headaches or even trouble opening or closing the jaw. At the Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod, we offer effective TMJ treatment to treat these concerns and improve your overall quality of life.

Our TMJ treatment in Chatham and Orleans can involve one or more advanced procedures designed to realign or adjust your jaw. We always begin our TMJ treatment with an in-depth examination of your mouth, head and neck to fully determine the optimal position your jaw should be in. Our TMJ treatments are minimally invasive and are always aimed at relieving your jaw pain and restoring your mouth to proper oral function.

Our TMJ Treatment Options

  • Nightguard – adjusts your jaw while you sleep into proper position to avoid grinding and clenching
  • Invisalign® – orthodontic treatment can reposition your teeth into proper alignment for an improved bite
  • BOTOX® – restricts the movement and overuse of the TMJ muscle, allowing it to relax and heal
  • Behavioral Modification – facial and tongue exercises to train and readjust the jaw to proper position

Minimally Invasive
Behavioral Therapy

One of our more unique approaches to TMJ treatment and jaw pain is through orofacial and myofunctional therapy. This is a specific form of non-invasive therapy, often called rest posture therapy, which focuses on the proper position of the mouth and jaw when not in use. Dr. Nadia Pokrovskaya will help teach you where the muscles should rest for optimal comfort and results. Many of our patients appreciate this approach because there is minimal interference throughout daily life. If you qualify for our behavioral modification and orofacial and myofunctional therapy, we can help retrain your jaw without any mouthguards, injections or surgery!

Don’t Live With Jaw Pain—There Is A Solution!