Don’t Live With Painful Teeth

If you have severe tooth pain, damaged or infected teeth, or are interested in implant supported dentures, we may have to perform a tooth extraction for one or more teeth. At the Dental Arts Studio of Cape Cod, we offer gentle tooth extractions when absolutely necessary. Our team in Chatham and Orleans always does everything possible to save your natural teeth, but if infection or damage is too severe, tooth extractions are often the best solution to achieving a healthy mouth. Dr. Nadia Pokrovskaya is trained in both traditional tooth extraction and advanced wisdom teeth extraction in order to get you into the most ideal oral health state. After you have a tooth extracted, we recommend replacing it with a dental implant, which mimics both the esthetic look and natural function of real teeth. Our team excels at accurate placement and restoration of dental implants to give you back a fully complete smile after tooth extraction.

The process for extracting teeth is very simple. You are provided a local anesthetic to block sensations of pain or discomfort, but for those with severe anxiety can receive oral or nitrous oxide sedation to help keep them calm. Once you are adequately numb, we will gently extract the tooth from the jaw. Most of our patients report only feeling a slight pressure during their tooth extraction. Dr. Pokrovskaya is careful to extract your teeth without harming any of the supporting or surrounding structures of your jaw. Once your tooth is extracted, we often provide bone grafting to fill in the empty socket where your tooth once was. This allows your jaw to heal to a healthy level that is suitable for supporting a dental implant.

Common Reasons For A Tooth Extraction

  • Infection — tooth infection not treated by a timely root canal may kill the tooth inside and out
  • Dental Implants — failing or damaged teeth will need to be extracted before placing implants
  • Orthodontics — some teeth may need extraction to make space for alignment with braces
  • Gum Disease — gum disease can damage gums and bone to the point of tooth failure
  • Wisdom Teeth — extra teeth that grow into the jaw and often do not have proper space

Advanced Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are extra molars that begin to develop in the back of the mouth during the late teenage years of most people. For most patients, their mouth does not have enough space to support these extra teeth, causing them to come in impacted or at an improper angle. Impacted teeth can cause many problems to development, such as tooth crowding, infection, damage to the surrounding teeth and overall jaw pain. Extracting wisdom teeth is an advanced surgery that often requires patients to be under IV sedation as Dr. Pokrovskaya removes these teeth from the jaw bone. Once wisdom teeth are extracted, patients often feel relief from discomfort and can enjoy a healthy mouth once again.

Don’t Live With Tooth Pain A Moment Longer!